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Why Do We Consult An Investment Guru?

Before making a huge transaction don’t we all seek for advice from our investment consultants? Most likely we refer to these investment consultants as investment gurus. Because they have the know-how of the industry and also can help one makes the right decision.

When do we usually connect with our Investment Gurus?

  • Property Buying: We all take years to save a huge amount that can be invested in buying a property. We are on a chase when we look at different types of properties that match our expectations and budget. But what’s important is the future of investment i.e. the returns. Any investment which is made is based on the future value received. Therefore, to get the best advice, individuals consult an investment guru to help one make the right decision.
  • Share-market: The immediate and the smart way to make quick money is the Share-Market route. Many individuals buy shares and resell it on a day to day basis, whereas some buy shares and invest in them for a longer term. To know the best investment option, one needs to consult with their investment consultant and make the right move, because at the end what matters is the return earned on the money invested.
  • Bonds & Banking products: Be it a loan or fixed deposits, we always rely on banks for financial help and support. While making a bond or applying for a loan, it is a good decision of consulting your investment expert and choosing the right bond or loan that would suit your needs.
  • Asset-Investment: Indians give priority to gold and silver after property. Because gold and silver are long term investments which are secured and a good percentage of returns is assured. An investment guru also suggests investing in tangible assets such as Gold so that the returns in the future would be fruitful.

So, one may have a lot many plans in terms of investment when they have some decent amount of savings. Some choose to bind their savings in form of fixed deposits, mutual funds or make bigger and long term investment such as investing on properties, gold, and shares. Whichever may be your choice, consult your investment guru and based on his forecast and advice make the right investment.

How would you choose a good investment guru?

  • Experience: Ensure he has good years of experience and many individuals vouch for his advice before making an investment.
  • Goodwill: Apart from being educated, also know if he has a reputation of his own in the industry. It is better to consult an investment guru through references as they hold a good impact. Also, the investment expert should be one who can be trusted in terms of money and finances.

Look out for the best investment consultants and understand the latest market trends for the upcoming fiscal years in the property market, asset management, share market and make an investment based on an investment which fetches you good returns in the future.

Dhwani Shah for IndiaProperty.com


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