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Top 4 hot interior decor trends for 2015!

Home décor trends keep changing and while in 2014 subtle notes were in, 2015 is all about bold and bright. From colours to floorings to even modern home furnishing, interior trends for 2015 are unexpectedly stylish and simple. Follow these simple rules to the ‘T’ and you could completely overhaul your ordinary living space into a contemporary abode.


Year by year, the colour palette has evolved, however this year seems to be the year of bright colors like indigo (blue), copper (orange), red dahlia, deep mahogany and vineyard green. These hues not only get your inspiration started they also add a splash of colour to your plane jane walls. These versatile and unexpected colours pop up and act as the perfect background to your wall of frame or any other personal corner.


If being minimal is not your thing, worry not, this year has a lot of modern textures that will surely ensure that your homes remain the talk of town. Apart from just going berserk with all these wild colours, there are an array of textures you could use to do up your home. Apart from using stencils to cover your walls, you could decorate them by sticking some funky wallpaper. Prints are definitely back, the impact that these prints create is luring many young homemakers to change their dull home into a modern hideout. From geometric designs to photographs as complete backgrounds, prints are here to stay.

In terms of furniture upholstery- textures that look raw are here to set a trend. Fabrics like velvet and raw weaves add a lot of character.


For all of those who believe in ‘basic’, there is some good news. Wooden floorings are here to stay. If budget is a constraint, worry not, the market is filled with many faux wooden floor tiles. Move on from the same old white marble flooring; add zing to your homes by laying your floor with dark shades of granite. Apart from being very elegant, this stone is very easy to maintain, making it very user-friendly.

Another concept that is making its presence felt are carpets and rugs. And no we are not talking about your usually granny stitched rugs – we are talking about modern day carpets that are designed to add oomph to your living rooms. You could do up your living room by placing optical illusion carpets to grass rugs to even multi layered floral carpet.


Metals like brass and copper are now being used to create contemporary shelves along your living room and bedroom. An array of marble accessories like vases and soap dispensers are dressing up your boring table tops in the bathroom. As far as mainstream furniture is considered, geometric shaped coffee tables, elevated sofas and space friendly dining tables beautify the living rooms.

Nidhi C Thacker for IndiaProperty.com

Image: www.lushome.com

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