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This election season let your house do all the talking

You know it’s election time when politicians come out in the open and start making promises. What makes this election season better than ever is having leaders like Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi and not to forget our very own Aam Aadmi Arvind Kejriwal having a go at each other for the ‘kursi’.

With the election frenzy taking a toll on first time voters in the country and with these leaders being brands unto themselves, if you thought introducing products that promote them would not be a hit then think again. We are not talking about the same old badly printed scarfs, t-shirts or caps. Welcome to the creative world of Indian politics where cushion covers, wall clocks and quirky quote posters by political parties might just be something you would want to pick up to adorn your home.

AAP’s merchandise. Image courtesy: Bluegape.com

Gone are the days when one would revamp the house when festivities come knocking at your door. Now, it’s all about redoing your house to match the election hullabaloo. If you are an ideal follower of the ‘common man’, give your boring old sofa a zing by adding funky Aam Aadmi Party cushion covers that sport quirky slogans like ‘Aap ka superhero’ or ‘Saara zamana hai AAP ka deewana’. And if you don’t want to be too out there then wall clocks and iPads are just the right thing for you. Add a dash of color to your dining table by placing Aam Aadmi Party’s coasters to support Arvind Kejriwal.

If you are not one of those who wants to join the Aam Aadmi’s bandwagon, then go ahead and dive into the deep sea of NaMo merchandises and encourage Narendra Modi who is tipped to be the next Prime Minister. Offering an array of products varying from apparels to gadgets and silver coins to even pepper spray, Narendra Modi’s fans are surely spoilt for choice. Add a touch of glamour to your walls by hanging NaMo wall clocks that sport quotes like ‘It was never about a person, it was always about the Nation’ and let Modi inspire you. Want to make an even more subtle and classy choice then buy smartphones that are Narendra Modi-themed or pick up bright orange colored pen drives. With these products being very easy on your pocket, the NaMo store has now become a shopping hub for youngsters.

While some believe in going out and about to promote themselves, there are others who believe in treading the trodden path – like the Indian National Congress. T-shirts, caps and badges are what they have to offer. Chennai’s very own PM candidate J. Jayalalithaa too has joined this movement by launching mineral water-bottles that are slowly becoming a hit after the success of Amma canteens that offer hygienic food at minimal cost. No matter how outrageous this sounds, Indian elections are not the same anymore.

Nidhi R. Daiya is a writer with journalistic experience of over 3 years in print and digital media. She is currently working as a part of the content development team with IndiaProperty.com  

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