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Telangana: What the future holds for Hyderabad’s realty sector

It is official now. Telangana will soon become India’s 29th state. The central government had thrown all its might into granting Telangana statehood. The bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh has evoked a strong emotional outpouring which has at times manifested itself violently. The most vociferous of opposition for the creation of Telangana came from the Seemandhra region. The general feeling here was that Telangana has received the lion’s share of resources. But despite all these protestations the Telangana Bill has been passed in the Lok Sabha and will now be sent to the Rajya Sabha.

The carving out of Telangana from Andhra will have a very real impact on multiple fronts. One such front is will be real estate. Hyderabad will serve as a joint capital of Telangana and Seemandhra for the next ten years. The amendment to make it the sole capital of Telangana was defeated.

The real estate market here has seen a slump due to the uncertainty over Telangana. Since it will serve as the capital for both states, it is expected to reap the benefits of this double governance. Both the state governments will try to raise the flagging profile of Hyderabad and if this happens once can expect this city to regain its sheen as one of the premier IT hubs of the country and thereby increase the demand for residential properties here. Owing to low property pricing Hyderabad today is considered to be one of the best markets to buy residential properties and this decision would only serve to strengthen this image.

Kavitha Ravi is a writer with experience in journalism. Her area of interest is current affairs. She has been in the media and communications industry for over 4 years.

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