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Understanding home safety: Part 1

The concept of ‘safety’ permeates every field of our lives. It could be physical or mental or both. A broad meaning of safety is “keeping yourself and others free from harm or danger. It also means avoiding accidents by being careful with what you do.” Adopting safe measures when involved ...

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How to make your home burglar-proof

The terms burglary, theft and robbery are often confusing in its usage. These terms apply to different actions that are done by an individual or a group of individuals against another individual or a group of individuals. Burglary is defined as the intent to make an unlawful entry or trespass ...

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RBI leaves repo rate unchanged at 6.5%

The Reserve Bank of India has left its repo rate unchanged at 6.5%. Even though the key rate has been left untouched, the central bank will remain “accommodative” in its policy stance said the bank’s Governor Raghuram Rajan. This means that the RBI has not ruled out the possibility of ...

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