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Caring For Your Carpet

Carpet Stains

Carpets are a great way to display your style and personality in your house. From beautifully woven patterns, textured designs, indigenous motifs and modular styles – today there are a host of options suiting all types, tastes and budgets available in the market. While a new carpet adds a dash ...

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Colors, Colors and more Colors to Adorn your Home!

Lushly upholstered vibrant colored cushions to go plush your home Serene Buddha in coral green handwork to bring peace and divinity to with and divinity to your home When you walk into a home, what is the first thing that rejuvenates and refreshes your entire being?? Isn’t it an impeccable ...

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Call it Heaven when you Make it One!

EVERY WEEK TASKS Scrub the floor and wipe clean. Wipe tiles with soap water and dry them so that no streaks are visible. Steam clean your microwave and wash the rotating glass plate. Wash the dish rack. Wipe all cabinet doors. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and cobwebs. ...

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Some Quintessentials for Every Home

It is not always the grand accessories and fixtures that add meaning to your home. Simple work like proper sink and tap attachments and cleaning extras matter a lot while running an effective home. After all, how is maintenance even possible in the absence of such inevitable essentials?? So, pay ...

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