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Seven ways to transform your home in 2014

2014 brought back many trends from the 50s and 60s. It will be true to say that retro is ruling the 21st century design and home décor industry. If you are considering a mini makeover for your home, don’t worry! Retro is here to stay. Every year the industry sees ...

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Caring For Your Carpet

Carpet Stains

Carpets are a great way to display your style and personality in your house. From beautifully woven patterns, textured designs, indigenous motifs and modular styles – today there are a host of options suiting all types, tastes and budgets available in the market. While a new carpet adds a dash ...

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Container Gardening

By IndiaProperty.com Team. Imagine this, a lush green surrounding filled with plants and trees, the breeze carrying the sweet fragrances of earth and flowers around. Everywhere you turn, you see vibrant colors of nature. Being in that colorful presence makes one feel nice and brings a sense of calmness and ...

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