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How to manage your domestic help

Dictionary defines ‘domestic worker’, also called ‘domestic helper’, as a person, male or female, who works within the employer’s household. Many often refer to them as servants or maids. Cooks and nannies also fall in the category of domestic help. One must understand that they are professionals albeit in the ...

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How to host overnight guests

These days it can be quite difficult when you have guests staying over. It is especially so, if both partners are working, if there are school going children and if there is no domestic help. So in these difficult times, you can choose to be a good, bad host or ...

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Things that have become obsolete in homes

A lot of people I know talk with fondness of the chutneys which were ground on the grinding stone. I agree, that chutney really tasted different but who has the time. Small grinder attachments on the mixie replaced the grinding stone more than 25 years ago. Today you can buy ...

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