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Storage special: 5 tricks that will make your kid’s room less messy


Kids will be kids. Cleaning up after them is a full time job in most cases. Putting restrictions on the way they play and nagging them into cleaning their rooms might get you a neat house but will suck the fun out of your kids’ lives. Here are a few things you can do to keep your child’s room neat and tidy which also happen to be child friendly.


Baskets in varying shapes and sizes should be present in your child’s room. They are one of the most child friendly storage options available in the market. This is because kids find it easier to store things in baskets rather than put things away on shelves. It will be difficult to get them to arrange their toys in an orderly manner on a shelf but give them a basket where they can toss away their toys and see the difference.


Labelling is everything. Seriously just do it and watch your world become more orderly. Whether it is clothes, toys, books or stationary items categorize and label them. Give your child a specific place to store a specific object. They will know exactly where to store their belongings and best of all they will know where exactly to find them as well. Trust us, they will save you a lot of time and energy which would otherwise be wasted on useless treasure hunts.

Storage on wheels

If you think that you are short on storage space then look no further than under your kid’s bed. You can store your child’s belonging under his/her bed but ensure that it remains accessible. You can do this by storing these belongings in bins that have wheels or you can opt for ones which have handles. If you use this space cleverly you need never worry about cleaning under the bed again as this space can be filled to the hilt.


Pegboards are traditionally used to hang tools like hammers, drills, screwdrivers etc in a garage. But they are slowing making their way into homes as a pretty cool mode of storage. You can get one of these fixed in your kid’s room and hang anything from their favourite toys to their stationary supplies. You can also have it painted to match your child’s room so that it does not stick out.

The wall

When we grumble about not having enough space, we tend to forget about one of the most important components of the house – its walls. The walls can hold more than your family photos. In the case of your child, you can place hooks on it and make them hang their clothes or bags on them. This is a very traditional storage route to take. You can take your storage game to a different level and have crates attached to the wall which can hold books/toys etc. This additional storage space can give you a lot of flexibility to put away things and have a less messy room.

Kavitha Ravi for IndiaProperty.com

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