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Storage special: 4 ways to make every inch of space count in the bedroom


Space has become a precious commodity. Finding space to stash away items has become ever so difficult. But by using some clever hacks you can make the maximum use of the space that is available to you. Through our multi part ‘storage special’ series, we will help you make every inch of space count!

Let’s begin with the bedroom!

There is an inherent problem with our bedrooms. There is never enough space to store stuff and even if there is things just don’t stay put. Your vanity is a mess with nail polish, lip sticks and clips strewn about. There are times when you are in a hurry when you cannot find your underwear/sock in the drawer. How many times have you arranged your wardrobe only for it to turn into a war zone within a few days?

Though it might seem like a daunting task to overhaul the entire storage mechanism of your bedroom, it will be well worth it when done right. And you need not shell out much if you go about doing this cleverly. So here is how you can de-clutter your bedroom and make the most of the space you have.

Under the bed

There are no monsters under your bed only space space and more space. And if you use it wisely you can hide all the things that are an eyesore around the house very neatly right under your own bed. If you have a low lying bed, you can place it on risers to make space. Every inch of space counts so don’t let space that is sitting right under your nose go to waste. If you are going to store stuff under the bed ensure that your storage has wheels/handles on it so that it is easy to reach and pull out. If you can incorporate a source of light under your bed, nothing like it as this improves accessibility.

Multipurpose furniture

None of us have the luxury of having a huge bedroom with endless square footage. So we have to be wise about how we accessorize this room. One piece of furniture can’t just serve one purpose. So if you have a dresser why not move it closer to your bed and turn it into a night table. You can also go one step further and add a chair to this arrangement and you will have a mini desk at your disposal.

Draw dividers

Draw dividers are your best friends. Why you ask. Well imagine your socks, night wear, undergarments and towels all neatly folded and kept in areas which are specifically assigned to them. This is what the magic of dividers will do for you. You can apply the same logic to any of your organizational needs and make optimal use of space.


Another valuable asset in your fight against mess and clutter in the bedroom are baskets. If you think your shelves are cluttered and there is not an inch of space to spare, storage baskets will prove you wrong. But first you have to be ruthless about getting rid of the stuff you don’t absolutely need in your life. After you have gotten rid of what needs to go, categorize the remaining and store them in baskets. And you won’t have to blow a bomb on these handy storage tools as they are available in different prices ranges.

Kavitha Ravi for IndiaProperty.com

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