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Quick Storage Hacks for Small Spaces

Storage Hacks help us unclutter our dream home. We all live in the era where owning a house is one of our greatest investment. The cost of living is exorbitantly increasing year after year and people want to save for the best and invest in buying a house. But, buying a spacious house seems a far thought, so individuals invest in buying compact homes that offer a comfortable living. Compact houses might have some storage problems in the future as the family grows. Here are a few storage hacks that might help you save space in your little mansion.

Storage Hack no 1: The latest interiors vouch for more modern and contemporary home designs. People want minimalistic furniture which does not occupy too much of their space. So, the best hack here would be to opt for multi-purpose furniture which can store your house items and also serve the purpose. For example – Table with drawers, which could be used to have snacks, can be used as a workspace and at the same time the drawers below the table can be used for storing books or newspapers.

Storage Hack no 2: At the same time, the modern bedroom interiors focuses on huge cupboards with sleek doors but great width and height. Either look at installing such cupboards in your new compact house, or look at installing loft above your main cupboard which will help one a lot to sort storage issues. These lofts can be used to store suitcases or unwanted items which are not needed for day to day activities.

Storage Hack no 3: You can convert an unused or non-usage bathroom to a storage room which can store your belongings and can be of a great help. You can store the unwanted things or huge items there. Also, you can keep it locked unless one needs to use it for a purpose. Keeping it locked will help you keep it away from visitors and guests. This can also save up a lot of space and give you more space in your living room and bedroom.

Storage Hack no 4: Have the loft installed in your bathrooms and kitchens to help you organize your kitchen and grooming items systematically. These lofts are specifically designed in a way to be used for a specific purpose. Check for good designs and install it in a way that can store all your utensils, kitchen appliances, and grooming products neatly.

Storage Hack no 5: Get organizers for your bedroom cupboards that can help you organize your clothing and accessories in an organized way. There are baskets that are designed in a way to help you keep your clothes in a neat manner. Invest in these storage hacks and save more space.

Storage has always been an issue. Especially when we opt for compact homes, it becomes a hassle as home appliances take up most of the space in the living room and the kitchen. Therefore, we should constantly monitor our belongings and discard the unnecessary items. The more we buy, the more we have to store. So, rather, discard and then invest on buying the necessary items.

Dhwani Shah for IndiaProperty.com


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