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Four most expensive homes in India

The rich and famous have many indulgences, one of which is their love for luxury homes. These larger than life monstrosities house the best that money can buy. Rest assured that the best architects and interior designers work on these multi-storied residences. Here’s a list of the most extraordinary homes in the country.

Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia

Property: Antilia

Estimated Value- INR 12,460 crore

Owner- Mukesh Ambani

Forbes Magazine has called this the most expensive home in the world. Antilia, designed by Chicago based architects Perkins + Wills is a 27 floor, 170 metre tall, magnificent residence belonging to the richest man in India, Mukesh Ambani. Mumbai finally has a skyline owing to this billion dollar home. Located in the plush Altamond Road of South Mumbai and spread across 400,000 square feet of living space this high rise is home to just 5 individuals. Now that’s called living life king size!

Anil Ambani’s home in Mumbai

Estimated Value- INR 5000 crore

Owner- Anil Ambani

Not further behind from big brother is Anil Ambani, with his home at Mumbai’s Bandra- Pali Hill locality. Still under construction, this 17,000 square feet home scaling upto a height of 66 metres is reportedly one of the most expensive homes in the country. Initially planned to a height of 150 metres, this mammoth construction was later opposed by local associations and authorities. By the looks of it, Anil Ambani is surely keeping pace with brother Mukesh.

Vijay Mallya’s Kingfisher Towers, Image Courtesy: TOI

Property – Kingfisher Towers

Estimated Value- INR 24 crore per condo

Owner- Vijay Mallya

The fall of Kingfisher Airlines has not deterred the King of Good Times. Currently under construction on the Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore the Kingfisher Towers- Residences at UB City will be the new address of Vijay Mallya. His 4.5 acres ancestral home has been brought down to build this 34 storied luxury high rise. Out of the 82 apartment in Bangalore, only 72 will be for sale and the rest will be occupied by Mallya family members. The pent house on the 33rd and 34th floor spread across 3 blocks (1 acre), will be home to Vijay Mallya. It has also been dubbed as the White House in the Sky. He will probably be the only individual to enjoy a 1 acre parcel of land in the sky. According to reports by Bloomberg each condominium is said to be priced at around INR 24 crore.

Gautam Singhania’s JK House

Property: JK House

Owner- Gautam Singhania, Raymonds Group

After Antilia, it’s Gautam Singhania’s JK House that’s going to populate the Mumbai skyline. Just a mile away from the Ambani home, the Raymonds Group scion Gautam Singhania’s residence would come up in South Mumbai’s Breach Candy locality. It will be constructed to a height of 145 metres with 37 floors giving stiff competition to Antilia, in terms of architectural layout as well as the height. However it is believed that JK House might not beat Antilia in terms of the construction cost. After many roadblocks by the BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation), the Raymonds Group remains tight-lipped on the details of this project. We will have to wait and see how this pans out.

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