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Let 3D floors add a quirky touch to your home

3D floors

Our strenuous lifestyle has many a time stopped us from taking a break and heading out for a quick getaway. However, you can now get the feeling of standing on the beach – all within the four falls of your washroom! Yes you read it right – your washroom. Imperial Interior from Dubai has created amazing designs on self-leveling screens that will help you enjoy a vacation like atmosphere right at home.

Why restrict murals just to the walls, when using them as floors is fast becoming a fad. The 3D liquid floors are creating a spectacular visual impact. This interesting interior trend is eco-friendly and is easy to maintain as well. Suitable for every room, these floors can elevate the feel of the room and are durable as well.
Created by applying liquid polymer to self leveling floor, these floors create exotic 3D images that add a very quirky touch to a modern home.

While images of corals, oceans waves and dolphins suited best for washrooms, waterfalls, lawns and florals are ideal for living rooms. Converting certain corners of a house into a tranquil paradise, these 3D floor designs helps you recreate various moods. Kitchen cabinets and dining tables too are receiving makeovers. These striking floors can be placed across kitchen floors, cabinets and dining tables.

Although these floors are user friendly, it’s the cost that might set you back. On an average these 3D floor designs are estimated to cost anywhere between USD 38 to USD 50 per square meter. While laminated floors might be a cheaper option- these 3D floors not only make a strong statement but are worth every penny as they are exclusive, practical and eco-friendly.

So while you’ve seen all these floors decorate shopping malls, its time you feel the waves touching your feet every time you head to brush your teeth!

Nidhi C Thacker for IndiaProperty.com

Image: http://www.topdreamer.com/awesome-bathroom-3d-floor-designs/

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