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How to decorate your home based on your zodiac sign – Part 2

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Last week we saw how to set up a home for the first 4 signs of the Zodiac. This week let’s talk about the next 4 signs.


Chic and elegant decor would match a Leo’s personality. A Leo’s home should have a lot of furniture, mirrors and bright lighting fixtures. Entertainment too plays an important role. They are outgoing people so decorating the kitchen with an island or a huge dinner table is what gets them going. As far as the bedrooms are concerned, Leos are multi-talented so decorate a room in such a way that is multi-functional. Stick to hues of purple, orange and yellow when it comes to painting their rooms.


Virgos are usually known for being meticulously organized so having a cluttered house is a big no no. You need to pay attention to minute details and need to keep the house nice and tidy. Virgos usually have a penchant for antiques so decorating the house with vintage stuff would get them going. Shades of taupe and yellowy greens attract them the most.


Balance means everything to a Libra so the decor of the house needs to be simple. Hence stick to basics and arrange the house using symmetrical lamps, paintings or even mirrors. Open spaces and airy environment attract the Libran a lot so work towards creating a fresh environment. Stick to colours that range between white and cream and provide a slight contrast by hanging aesthetic center pieces.


The need for privacy drives a Scorpio so create spaces that lets them be on their own. Mystery is also something that lures them so very carefully pick pieces that are in shades of black, red, burgundy or orange. Heavy fabrics like velvet, leather and brocade help create a mysterious setting that attracts them the most. Decorate the living room with mirrors and washroom with marbles.

Last four signs coming up next week!

Nidhi C Thacker for IndiaProperty.com

Image: http://i01.i.aliimg.com/wsphoto/v0/32220243669_1/DIY-Zodiac-Sign-3D-Sticker-Modern-Home-Interior-Decoration-Wall-Clock-Watch-hv5n.jpg

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