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4 Home Valuation Design Tips to Get Your Property Sale Ready

Home valuation design tips will help your property get off the block a lot easier. Carrying out these tips will help you increase the value of your home in no time. There are some design tips which will increase the valuation of your home to a good extent.

Whenever we think about selling a property we always imagine that we will make a profit. But that might not be the case all the time. You have to consider factors such the present real estate climate and the condition of your home before you can even think about making a profit. The market conditions might not be something you can control but there are ways in which your property can stand out amongst its competitors and can fetch enough money even during tough times.

So here are some home valuation design tips you can use to spruce up your home.

Give your bathroom some attentio

This is one of the most critical home valuation design tip which is often ignored by many sellers. When you are trying to sell a home, one of the first things that can make the property valuation go up is having a good bathroom. You can start by simply fixing all plumbing which has been leaking or giving you any kind of trouble. You can also get some of the fixtures refitted to give off a feeling of luxury. The more your property exudes a sense of luxury the more chances it possesses of getting sold. You should also give your restroom a thorough cleanse before putting it on the market. Nothing puts a buyer off more than a dirty bathroom.

If you don’t have the money to do a full blown remodelling of the bathroom, then you can just do small fixes such as deep cleaning, lighting and painting/wall paper.

Get an inspection done

If you are thinking about selling your home, it’s about time you get an inspection done. Call in the professionals and let them give you a proper valuation of your home. Worst case scenario is they don’t give it a clean chit of health in which case you will have your work cut out for you. If your property gets an all clear, then you don’t have anything to worry.

A paint job

This is one of the most cost effective home valuation design tip to give your property the value boost it deserves. Painting your home will give it a whole new look. It will make it seem brand spanking new in the eyes of the buyers. The pointer to remember here is to that buyers would mostly prefer neutral colours. So keep this in mind when you are out choosing the colour scheme.

Small repairs pay for themselves

All the small things that you have been ignoring should be sorted now. Remember this home valuation design tip that devil is in the details. All the small things add up to come back and bite you when you don’t expect it to. Buyers are a fickle lot and will use some repairs around the house as a bargaining chip. So make a to-do-list of the small repairs and get them fixed as soon as possible for the best result.

Kavitha Ravi for IndiaProperty.com

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