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Have these 3 old pieces of furniture? Here’s how you can recycle them!

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Throwing away old stuff and making way for new furniture has always been the norm. But how about recycling the stuff that is hidden away in the attic and converting it into something new and practical. And with ‘recycling’ now becoming a fad, below we give you a few useful ideas that help you impress your guests.

Old piano


Having a piano right in the middle of the room is something that we all wanted, but because of its non-feasibility, pianos have very comfortably made their way into the attic. But the best way to give this musical instrument a makeover is by converting it into something more useful like a bookshelf. You could either remove the keys and replace them with some books or hide in some tipple which is perfect for those secret parties!

Pianos also make great aquariums – all you have to do is just place a glass fish tank on the head of the piano, create a see through hole and viola you have a fish tank. Converting an old wooden piano into an outdoor furniture too will get your guests talking about your outstanding creativity.

Worn out suitcase


Instead of throwing away your old luggage, upcycle them by transforming them into modern furniture. If you have any of those vintage suitcases, place them one over the other to create a rustic side table. If they are really worn out, you could color them and they will look like new. If your suitcases have started falling apart, sew them up together and add cushions and four legs and you have a new suitcase chair.

If you are really craving for a cabinet in the washroom but don’t have enough funds to buy one, convert your suitcase into a cabinet by screwing the suitcase onto the wall and put your toiletries in them.



We all want to spoil our children by giving them everything and that include buying them the best crib. But what happens once the kids have grown up? Well it makes way into the attic or is given away at a yard sale. But how about converting the crib into a study table. All you need to do is remove one side of the crib and you have a tiny study table perfect for your toddler to work on. Spruce it up by painting the base with some chalkboard paint so your child can doodle and stick on some hooks so they could hang in their supplies.

If you have a really big crib, turn it into a sofa. Just like the table pull down one side of the crib, spray paint it and line the base with some cushions and you have a new sofa.

Nidhi C Thacker for IndiaProperty.com

Image: http://www.boredpanda.com/awesome-recycling-ideas/

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