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Dining Room Design Ideas to Make It Look More Attractive

Dining room design can have a big impact on your everyday dining experience.  Dining room is not only the space where families eat their meals but do multiple activities. This is the place where we eat, chat with our loved ones and sometimes even work. For many it is the space where many important family discussions happen. Thus, you have to be meticulous while choosing the dining room design for your home. Whatever may be your budget, room, size or style, any of these handpicked dining room designs ideas would certainly match your needs. Hope, these design ideas would help you in designing your dining room and create a unique space for you and your family.

Trestle Table

This is one of the famous dining room design ideas and these tables have successfully been in fashion since the middle ages. These trestle tables can be seen in the medieval coat of arms. Apart from adding an elegant and vintage look, they are also perfect for social gathering.

Blue and White

While you design your dining room, use the blue and white combination to decorate it. This color combination gives a rich and brighter look to your dining room. Further, this timeless palette was used way back in ancient Persia. To get this design, you have to choose pottery, linens and other decorative items in blue and white combination. Again it is an ever green dining room décor and would never go out of style.

Farmhouse Feel

If you have a big space for dining then this look is for you. To bring in a farmhouse like feel inside your home, you can get a big trestle dining table that can accommodate 14 members. This could be the perfect pick for holidays and family get-togethers. With pendant lights and a functional potbelly stove, this would certainly bring in a traditional farmhouse feel. This dining room design will best suit the spacious villas and bungalows. Thus, you can ignore this idea if you have smaller space, as it will occupy most of your space. Also, for this look to be a hot try and bring in as much natural light as possible inside the dining space. If your dining room opens into a balcony or a terrace or a green space then it’s a bonus.

Natural Lighting

The more sunlight you get the more beauty it adds to your home. Your dining room would look spacious if you get natural lighting in your home. It would be great to have your food with an excellent view of the lush landscape from the window. And, you can use wooden table, shelving unit and wicker chairs to enhance the beauty of your dining room. Imagine having your morning tea or coffee in this naturally lit dining room of yours. Doesn’t it take you back to the relaxed vacation home you loved?

Use a Bench Instead of Chairs

When you have too many guests at home, you can’t make everyone sit with the limited chairs available at your home. So, you can buy an antique bench with cushion in your dining room. Apart from accommodating more members, it will make your dining room design look spacious, as you can tuck these benches under the table when not in use.

Ragavendhar Mohan for IndiaProperty.com

Images: https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4018/5165079994_36e751a6b2_b.jpg , https://pixabay.com/en/dining-room-dinner-table-room-2046765/, https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/





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