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Add a touch of royalty to your homes by using Moorish elements

Moroccan influences have fast crept into modern homes today. The exclusive architecture, geometrical prints and the various textures are now being weaved into contemporary decor. Below we explore some elements that convert a boring old space into an avant-garde hideout zone that emanates royalty.

Living room

Like Moroccan home decor ideas, Indian homes too are decorated using bright and bold colours, exotic textures and minute religious artifacts, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to see Moorish elements being a hit in our living rooms. Architectural shapes and designed archways make ideal centerpieces. If you want to make things subtle you could always opt to adorn your plane Jane walls with some marvelous geometrical wallpaper designs.


Don’t limit the Moorish elements to only the important rooms of the homes- let them flow throughout the entire home. And one place where you could mix both the traditional and modern look is the bed room. If you are one of those who likes going over the top then painting the wall of your rooms with bright colours is the right option. But if you believe in minimalism- you could always opt to place handicrafts like vases in and around the room. There are an array of hand-carved bed pillars that radiate royalty. If you want to feel like a king then do up your upholstery accordingly. Choose to hang a rug as a curtain, or line your bed with an extensively handcrafted bed sheet and viola you have a room that is fit for a king!


When it comes to redoing the kitchen- Moroccan lanterns and metal fittings top the charts. Intricate brass tops and copper lanterns create the perfect exotic environment. The shadows that these lanterns cast convert your average cooking area into an extraordinary space. Beside these, rustic wooden cabinets and zellige tiles too could be used to decorate your kitchen walls.


If you thought you were done, wait till you see how an unattractive room can be converted into a space that will take you into a completely different era. If you are one of those who love taking long baths then you need to have a mosaic bath tub. Quick tip, line your existing boring bath tub with broken mosaic glass tiles. If you don’t want to go overboard then place huge mirror frames along one side of the wall. Another must have is the Moroccan inspired sink. The market has an array of designed sinks that come in all shapes and sizes.

Outdoor spaces

Tents and canopies define Morocco – so don’t forget to adorn your patio with these. Instead of placing a sofa, place carved seating options like dewans and seat bases. If you are looking for a more inexpensive option – head towards placing couches, bedding or bright coloured poufs. Rugs, blankets and saddles too help create authentic Moroccan look.

Nidhi C Thacker for IndiaProperty.com

Image: decoist.com

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