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7 Basement renovation Hacks to Follow

Basement Renovations should be considered the same way we consider a home or a workplace renovation project. It is essential to have your basement designed in the right way to avoid future problems. Before renovating your basement, these are a few important tips that you should consider before taking the next step.

  1. Check the water issues: Basements are considered to usually be moist due to the unstructured walls and floorings. Due to this, there are a lot of water leaking issues. Check for them and also get them fixed.
  2. Add a vapor barrier: In Spite of checking the water leaking issues during your basement renovation, it is always advisable to add a vapor barrier to save your basement from future water related problems in your basement.
  3. Interior Flooring and Walls: Also, check for the interior flooring and the walls of the basement in case of any damage. This will help one in understanding if the flooring and walls need any repairing. If yes, we can add them while defining the budget of our basement renovation.
  4. Electrical Wiring: Inspect the ceiling of the basement, because in case of any electrical wiring we need to be sure that the ceiling is not moist and has no water leakage. This is a critical point and shouldn’t be missed during your basement renovation.
  5. Recessed Lighting: The best way to add brightness to your basement is by adding the Recessed Lighting. It is bright and consumes less electricity.
  6. Define your purpose: This is one of the most important questions one should focus on while renovating their basement or any other part of the house. Many people use the basement for storage; parking and also many use it for office use or as a mini-apartment. Based on what the purpose is one should get the space designed by an Interior Designer accordingly. Because if it is used for parking or storage, you can just fix the minor issues such as water leakage, wiring etc. But in case if it is going to be converted into an office space or a mini-apartment, then one needs designing help.
  7. Set your budget: Yes, after defining the purpose of the basement renovation, one should define the budget too. After examining the issues, one can create a list of things that need to be fixed or changed. Based on the list, we can decide on a budget. Ensure you do not spend heavily on renovating your basement. Firstly, get the important things fixed and then we can redesign the space with some DIY hacks.

Also, use the budget smartly. Do not invest on hiring an Interior Designer to carry out the whole renovation. Get an idea from them; use them to design the space in the best way possible. The rest of the things where one needs to purchase the items for basement renovation can be appointed to one of the family members to avoid commission charges in between. If setting up a workspace or a mini-apartment, we can get second-hand furniture and use it to design the basement. So, focus on the purpose, make smart choices and importantly remember not to exceed your budget for basement renovations.

Dhwani Shah for IndiaProperty.com

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  1. Thanks for providing the valuable information. It is essential to have your basement designed in the right way to avoid future problems.

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