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5 easy ways to transform your home on a budget

Many of us have a set agenda to transform our homes. It may be anything, from buying new furniture to renovating a room. However these transformations usually account for a chunk of your earnings and one must think twice before investing in it. But before you go about investing in home renovation, learn these few simple ways in which you can transform your home without burning a hole in your pocket. Consider these 5 easy tips to beautify your space.

    1. Don’t wait for spring to clean your home. Get professional help and get your space thoroughly cleaned from the ceiling to the floor. Make this a regular ritual. A clean and organized space has an appeal and style of its own. So don’t wait for too long. Get your hands dirty and go for it!
    2. Does your home require some fixing that needs to be done? Get your pending home improvement projects done. Mark your calendar and start doing one fix over each weekend. This is a hassle free way to deal with many major or minor repairs that you might have. Make sure you tackle each issue and moreover finish it with or without professional help.
    3. We all have things in our home that we want to give away and other things we want to get rid of. Start room by room and de-clutter your space. Get rid of things you don’t need and things you can donate, sell or recycle. Nothing works better than de-cluttering your space. This helps you make space for new things and it definitely creates a lot of room too.
    4. A fresh coat of paint is sure to make your space lively. Change the colour of your current home or just add a fresh coat of paint. You would be surprised the difference it makes in the look and feel of your space. For a fresh new look, it’s advisable to check new colour palates and try a different one to add some drama to your décor. If you cannot paint the entire house, start with one room and make progress gradually.
    5. We forget the positive impact a little greenery can have in your mind and your home décor. Give a green makeover to your apartment and add plants to your space wherever possible. Create a small herb garden on earthen pots place it in your kitchen for regular use. Choose plants that you like and create your own little Zen corner.

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